Why are people only criticizing Disney for their lack of ethnic diversity in a main character or setting?

If you ask me, they seem to have more than any of the other popular animation companies that we know, and people don’t seem to be complaining that the new DreamWorks movies have “more white people.”

It is a problem that is lacking a solution in more places than just Disney, except that Disney has at least addressed it in their movies more often. Although not as plentiful as people would like, it is there. So how come other companies can get away with it more easily?

~~Friendly reminder that although Megamind is blue, he disguises himself as a white person~~

So next time you think about bashing Disney’s Frozen for lack of ethnic diversity, think about how companies like Don Bluth, DreamWorks, and Sony Animation lack it as well. I understand your remarks about “what could have been”, because ethnic diversity is a beautiful thing, but if you’re saying “oh Disney’s making another movie about white people no thanks”, please address other animation companies as well for they are not attempting to solve the problem either.

Thank you

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    DreamWorks stared a gut who was blue so and DreamWorks is making a new movie called home staring a black female lead and...
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    And don’t forgot Pocahontas, the whole film is about racism and how we reject others because they are different.
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    I’m just thinking, like in Shrek, and Kung fu Panda, and Madagascar…All the main POC leads are voicing animal...
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