Has anyone noticed that in Disney’s more recent films, the characters have similar features to their voice actors?

Obviously they’re not a spitting image of them, like in Enchanted, but I feel like Disney subtly incorporates features of the actors/actresses into their character designs.

I’ve always thought that Tiana looks like Anika Noni Rose, and that a lot of the other characters in that movie subtly resemble their voice actors as well.

Same thing for Tangled. I think that Mandy Moore and Rapunzel share some similar features, and I DEFINITELY think that Disney used more than a few of Zachary Levi’s traits for Flynn Rider. Even Mother Gothel reminds me a bit of Donna Murphy.

I think it became more obvious in Wreck it Ralph. I mean seriously, Vanellope and Sarah Silverman have that same smirk and teeth. Ralph definitely reminds me of John C Reilly, and it’s startling how much Felix and Calhoun resemble Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch.

I can even see this in Frozen. The facial structures and eyes of the characters resemble those of their actors, in my opinion. I think it might even be the noses, too. You can see Jon Groff’s sincere personality through Kristoff, as well as Kristen Bell’s funny and charming personality through Anna. Elsa shares Idina Menzel’s fierce gaze and smile and I definitely see Santino Fontana in Hans, I hope I’m not just going crazy.

I think even Olaf will remind us of Josh Gad! I mean he’s a snowman, but I think they gave him those sticks on the top of his head to resemble his crazy hair :)

If Disney continues to do this, I think that’s really cool. It’s a great way to pay tribute to the voice actors, and really make their characters THEIRS.

Call me crazy, but I see it!

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    I do know for a fact that for Frozen, all the voice acting was filmed so that the animators could incorporate the...
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    Disney movie fun fact: Flynn Rider’s character design was already locked when Zach signed on. It was pure coincidence...
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    I’m pretty sure this was done on purpose, and I’m also pretty sure Disney’s being doing this for awhile. Like Tate...
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