Princess Appreciation Post: Belle

Oh, Belle. You certainly deserve that name. How does one begin to describe how beautiful you truly are?

Belle is such an incredible character, she really is. Yet, people still find ways to tear her to shreds and argue that she is not a good role model.

Excuse you.

Actually, you know what, you are NOT excused.

Belle is an EXCELLENT person to look up to, someone who I have personally admired, respected, and learned from. I see people argue the most ridiculous things, about how she’s not good to look up to because she’s beautiful, and she saves the day with her sexuality. Or how she “still needed a man in the end.”

All I can say is shame on you. Shame on you for not seeing all of the incredible reasons that make Belle the inspiration that she is.

Yes, Belle is beautiful, so what? Does she care? Not in the least bit. Her beauty seems to be a burden to her, and she doesn’t go around flaunting it, or using it to get what she wants. She has her own dreams, she thinks for herself, and does not care about what other people think of her, even if it means she has no one to talk to. She doesn’t change who she truly is to fit in with the rest of the people. She stands for herself and fights for her freedom.

If Belle needed a man, she would have married Gaston, but you can clearly see how uninterested and DISGUSTED she is with him. She doesn’t care how handsome he is, how muscular he is, or how manly he may be, she sees right through his looks and sees him as the vain, controlling, self-absorbed monster that he is.

Belle is selfless. She has these wild dreams for herself, and she gives up her freedom and opportunity of making those dreams come true in order to save her father’s life. When the Beast comes into the light, she notices how terrifying he is, but it does not phase her, she takes his place anyway. Not only was that a courageous thing to do, but it also shows that Belle does not put herself first, and she thinks of others before herself.

There is also a funny charm about Belle that makes her so enjoyable. She has a sense of humor that subtly shows itself in certain moments, and yet she can also be serious in times when she needs to be.

One thing that I really love about Belle is that she does not fear the Beast. No matter how big, tall, scary, or angry he may appear, she does not let him control her or tell her what to do. She has her dignity, and she holds it close. She’s intelligent enough to know that she is her own person, and no man or creature is going to tell her what she needs to do, or who she needs to be.

Belle is also very important because she represents the dictionary definition of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Even though the Beast comes off as a terrifying, hideous, and angry monster, Belle can see past all of that. She treats him like the human he truly is, and she does not push him away or believe he is evil. She knows that there is much more to him than meets the eye.

Couldn’t we all learn something from Belle here? I have come across so many judgmental people who fail to see the true beauty in a person, and who only pick out the flaws. I feel sorry for such people, because they are truly missing out on some of the most beautiful people out there. They may not look like Gaston, but personally, I would rather know someone who was beautiful at heart, rather than beautiful in appearance. You can see that Belle would prefer that as well. She would much rather be with the Beast than marry Gaston. Even when Belle’s father is threatened to be thrown into the asylum, Belle STILL refuses to marry Gaston. She will do whatever it takes to fight for who she loves, and she knows that she doesn’t need to give up her freedom for it either. She knows that she is able to fight for EVERYTHING she deserves, because she’s not just the helpless and odd woman that her town seems to think she is.

So what if she fell in love with the Beast? Belle had been alone for so long, she had no one to talk to, no one to relate to, no one to connect with. She finally found that with the Beast. She found love, and she found it without giving up her ability to be free. The Beast did not want to control her, and she knew that. It is so frustrating to see people argue that if the woman ends up with the man, it takes away everything that she is and stands for, and that she would have been more inspirational and free if she was on her own.

I am sorry, but I could not disagree with you more.

In such romantic cases, like Belle’s, the two complete each other. They make each other better, they give each other strength, and they learn from each other. There is such power behind it, and people don’t see that. In my opinion, it takes more strength to open up to someone and let yourself become a part of them than it does to claim you are fine on your own, and that love would only weaken you.

Love is strength.

Love is a very powerful and beautiful thing, and submitting to it will NEVER take away from who you are. It certainly did not with Belle.

Belle will always be one of my favorite characters to look up to. I have learned such important things from her. She has taught me to never judge people, to always give them a chance, and never to shut them out, no matter how they appear on the outside. I ALWAYS see people as equal, and I don’t judge them for what they look like. I have very judgmental friends and family. I hear them say things like, “wow, he’s so ugly” or “look at that hideous outfit.” I’ve seen cases where there have been people who have had feelings for my friends, and they say things like “EW, no thank you” or “barf.” What do I say to them?

"You’re wrong."

I will never let ANYONE surrounding me change that. I will always give people a chance and get to know them, because no matter what they look like, I know that there may be someone very special hidden inside.

How do you know what the person you are judging is like?

You don’t.

By seeing them for what they are on the inside, you might be surprised at how many wonderful and incredible people you could have in your life.

Without Belle, I’m not sure if I would see through these eyes. I am thankful that she exists, and there will never be a moment where I do not appreciate everything that she is. She has strengthened me in so many ways, and has become a part of who I am. Her ability to stand up for herself, as well as her desire for more than a provincial life have helped me in times when I’ve needed guidance. Whenever I am feeling helpless or controlled, I always look to Belle and I remember than I am my own person, and I can stand up for myself no matter what. Whenever I feel like the odd one out, I do not change who I am to fit in. Because of Belle, I will always be myself no matter what other people think of me, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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